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  • North East Hearing Service

    North East Hearing Services

    We have teamed up with North East Hearing Services  to provide a full hearing care service. North East Hearing Services offer you a range of  services that include: FREE Hearing Evaluation Hearing Care & Advice Digital Hearing Aids Batteries and Accessories Hearing Aid Repairs Ear-moulds, swim moulds, musician moulds & hearing protection Book your FREE HEARING TEST […]

  • Safety Eyewear

    We supply a modern range of protective eyewear for industry, as per EU Health and Safety regulations. All our safety spectacles are supplied with toughened glass or polycarbonate lenses.

  • Sports Eyewear

    Winter sports enthusiasts often forget about the importance of sunglasses. When you are sailing down the mountain with the fresh cold air in your face, it is easy to forget that the sun is alive and well here too. Although the sun may not shine as brightly or produce as much heat as other times […]

  • Sunglasses

    There are many reasons to wear sunglasses, and everyone has one of their own. Whether it is to mask those tired eyes, create mystery or escape the paparazzi, sunglasses are a part of everyday life. However, often the true benefits of this popular accessory are lost when fashion or other purposes take over. It may […]

  • Contact Lenses

    While some people enjoy the fashion statement of eyeglasses, others prefer their appearance without them. Contact lenses have proven to be a safe and effective vision correction device for millions of people. They are also ideal for participation in sport. If you’re happy with your glasses, but want to be able to wear contacts once […]

  • Glasses

    Despite recent innovations in vision correction surgery and contact lenses, eye glasses have remained popular. Frames with high profile designer tags continue to be in demand, and as well as being functional have become a fashion statement. Many people change their frames in the same way as shoes or handbags, with different colours and styles […]